In Summary - Evolution: Retail to e-Tail

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Summary Discussion: ‘What is the fundamental economic basis of Internet Commerce?’

In our journey to determine ‘What is the fundamental economic basis of Internet Commerce?’ we have studied the current position of commerce online, its development since inception and the evolutionary steps that have contributed to this evolution.

Our examination of the transition from ‘Retail’ to ‘eTail’ in relation to eCommerce has included gaining an understanding of the business methodologies and business processes utilized online and the theories that support and sometimes debate these activities.

To provide context to our final summary of ‘What is the fundamental economic basis of Internet Commerce?’ we have endeavoured to position this learning within the overarching theme of the emerging global Information Economy (Rifkin, 2001).

Our study of Amazon’s history, evolution and practices has provided real life discussion to enhance our learning and to support our argument that the fundamental economic basis of Internet Commerce can, at the highest level, be attributed to the interplay of the Network Economy, Attention Economy and the Knowledge Economy, as evidenced throughout this wiki.

The study of Amazon has further explained how the business practices and processes that guide, drive and innovate the online commerce environment, together with the ever evolving technology that delivers these commercial ventures via the internet, are the 'nuts and bolts' of the 3 fundamental economic keys that are the basis of Internet Commerce at this point in time.


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