About the Internet Explorers

We are 10 students studying NET205 - Internet and Commerce elective at Curtin University. We met via a Wikidot discussion board, united by an appreciation for puns and a love of the internet that is so great that we are willing to study about it.

Our all star team consists of: Angus, Angeline, Natalie, Nicholas, Rachel, Michelle, Teresa, Colin, Moo Dean and Sam. Our locations are scattered across Australia and the UK; our life schedules are hectic with travelling, baby showers, wisdom teeth removal and full time work; and our minds are open to exploring unfamiliar Internet applications such as Wikidot, Wiggio and Mindmeister.

We have scoured the World Wide Webiverse in our exploration to answer the assignment question: "What is the fundamental economic basis of internet commerce?". Using wholly online means, we have collaborated to present our answer in this wiki. To the Internet and beyond!

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